Working with Ektos

EKTOS is an electronics engineering company with years of experience in creating solutions for companies worldwide. EKTOS has helped BeAware translate the unique product idea into a technically sound solution.

The key is low power consumption

Balancing and optimizing power consumption is essential, because IoT devices more often than not are battery based. Ensuring absolute minimum power consumption has required careful calculations, thorough research, and lots of testing.

EKTOS has picked ultra low-power sensors for measuring humidity, temperature, CO2, noise, and light. An e-ink display solution was chosen because it offers high contrast and excellent readability with minimum power usage. EKTOS has furthermore chosen Sigfox technology for communication because the technology limits data transmission to a minimum which consequently limits power consumption and allows Sigfox based units to run for years without maintenance. IoT Denmark, the local Sigfox network provider, has been a great support for EKTOS. Ensuring the best possible communication performance, however, is closely linked to the antenna which EKTOS has carefully sought out and optimized for the BeAware solution.

From prototype to large scale production

During the design phase of the electronics circuits EKTOS’ engineers chose to only use easily available modules and components that can be mounted purely by machines. This approach has minimized the production cost and complexity.

Similarly, during the design phase, frequent measurements of the radio waves and electromagnetic interference was performed. IoT devices are covered by the Radio Equipment Directive which stipulates a list of requirements to the device if it is to receive the CE-mark for the EU. Because EKTOS operates two test laboratories the engineers are very familiar with the requirements for CE-marking and have created the design for compliance.

With a team of embedded engineers, two accredited test laboratories, and production facilities EKTOS has been an excellent partner from the first prototype to large scale production of the BeAware device.